Cyber Security, Server, Network, Data and Information Security comprises the full range of activities undertaken to secure and safeguard IT Infrastructure, Computers, Servers and data from unauthorized access and other cyber threats, to maintain awareness of cyber threats, to detect anomalies and incidents adversely affecting InfoTech, Computers, Servers and network data, and to mitigate the impact of, respond to, and recover from security incidents.

We are an IT Service Management (ITSM) Company that safeguards infrastructure by providing Cyber / Internet, Network, Server and Data Security (Security as a Service) with secure assessments of corporate network vulnerabilities & controlled penetration testing (pentest) through social engineering & exploits. We offer the most comprehensive range of  IT Services, products and solutions to companies and industries in Helderberg and Cape Town, South Africa (RSA) to suit your exact requirements to safeguard your information and deliver high-availability infrastructure.

Network, Server, Computer, Infrastructure, Internet, Cyber

Our team of professional Cyber Security consultants and engineers will provide you with the most accurate information and offer Network, Computer and Server Security (Security-as-a-Service) solutions based on the latest technology available on the market today. Because we are not bound or limited to specific vendors or applications, our methodology provides flexible and cost effective infosecurity solutions for every market. From SMME's to Enterprise's, we allow for every business to host a secure network infrastructure.

Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing (VAPT) often require multiple solutions and we continuously update our methodology to cater for your exact requirements and budget.

Our Engineers and Consultants keep up to date with the latest network, computer, server and data threats, vulnerabilities and exploits and match them with your assets on a daily basis to reduce the possibility of a zero day exploit.

Cyber Security Watchdogs, Managed Services, Cloud Services, Website Security, IT Security and Secure Hosting - Cape Town, South Africa

Network Security-as-a-Service

Our Key Goals for your Business

      • Secure Servers
      • Secure Computers
      • Secure Email
      • Secure Websites
      • Secure Networks
      • Secure Data
      • Secure Databases
      • Secure Cloud Solutions
      • Employee Awareness
      • Secure Applications
      • Confidentiality
      • Information Availability
      • Data Integrity
network security

Managed Network Security Services

      • Infrastructure Management and Support
      • Network, Server and Computer Support
      • Network Security
      • Cyber Security
      • Business Application Deployment
      • Vendor and Supplier Management
      • Data Management and Security
      • Website (Security-as-a-Service)
      • Tech Support
      • Vulnerability Assessments
      • Penetration Testing
      • Data Backups
      • Data Recovery
      • Disaster Recovery
      • Network Installations
      • Hardware and Software Sales
      • Cloud Solutions and Services Management
      • Cloud Application Deployment
      • Secure Web Hosting and Management
      • SOC-as-a-Service
      • IT Inventory Control
      • User Management
      • VPN Management
      • Remote IT Support
      • Hardware and Software Resources
          • Firewalls
          • Unified Threat Management (UTM)
          • Hardware Security Modules (HSM)
          • Antivirus and Malware
          • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
          • Regulation and Policy Compliance
          • Monitoring and Reporting
          • Web Application Security
          • Network Security Appliances and Services
          • Vulnerability Management
          • Business Continuity
          • Risk Management and Data Protection
          • Servers, Computers and Laptops
          • SIEM-as-a-Service

What is VAPT?

(Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing)

Vulnerability Assessments (VA)

Vulnerability Assessments is the process of  Vulnerability and Risk discovery through information gathering and resource scanning utilities. Vulnerability Assessments generate reports on these Vulnerabilities and Risks for further investigation and remedy.

With Vulnerabilities and Exploits found daily and Software Updates done monthly, it is recommended for Vulnerability Assessments for Servers, Networks, Software, Websites and Web Applications to be scheduled quarterly to ensure accurate reporting on the severity of new Vulnerabilities and Risks and the impact associated with your Servers, Computers and Network Infrastructure. Network Security Assessments offer corporations and individuals insight into risks associated with improper network, server and software configuration and deployments and allow companies the opportunity to proactively prevent an data breach.


Penetration Testing (PT)

Penetration Testing is the physical act of trying to exploit Vulnerabilities and Risks found in the Vulnerability Assessment phase. With your written permission, Cyber Watchdogs will act as a hacker by simulating a cyber attack and test your Network Security (Information, Data, Servers, Computer or Network Infrastructure) with tools and techniques used by hackers to exploit Vulnerabilities found during the discovery and information gathering phase.

WhiteBox PenTest - You provide us with any information required to conduct a PenTest. All staff and representatives are aware of the PenTest.

GreyBox PenTest - You provide us with limited information and targeted resources (Business Critical Resources). Only key individuals are aware of the PenTest.

BlackBox PenTest - You provide NO information and we simulate an attack based on discovery and information gathering only. Only key individuals are aware of the PenTest.


Cyber Security Watchdogs, Managed Services, Cloud Services, Website Security, IT Security and Secure Hosting - Cape Town, South Africa

Physical Security

Physical Security is the process of assessing your infrastructure security and vulnerabilities. It describes security measures that are designed to deny unauthorised access to facilities, equipment and resources.

Gate Access Control, Monitoring & Management

Building Access Control, Monitoring & Management

Server Room Access Control, Monitoring & Management

Server Room Fire Suppression Systems

Server Room Climate Control Systems

Server Room Secure Cabinets

CCTV Security Systems

These systems are critical for maintaining a safe, intrusion free environment for information protection, continuity and availability environment. We offer assessments to validate the counter measures required for protecting your data.