One of the main components in marketing today is your website. Protecting its integrity has become an increasingly difficult thing to do with vulnerabilities being exploited daily and a skills shortage in Information Security.

While the majority of companies refuse to take steps securing the information stored on these sites, they are soon reminded why ignoring the possibility of a breach, could cost them penalties and fines set out by the authorities regarding Privacy of Information.

Not only does a breach disrupt business operations, but could cause irreparable reputational damage. What would the financial impact be should your business suffer a breach. One way to find out would be with a Cost of Data Breach Calculator.

Our services offer you continuous monitoring and assessments of Web Application Security. We stay informed of the latest threats and vulnerabilities and offer real time protection against potential breaches.

Our methodology is to stay ahead of threats by:

  1. Regular Web Application Scanning
    • We use multiple open source and commercial solutions to ensure accuracy of reported vulnerabilities.
    • We do penetration testing on reported vulnerabilities to accurately determine the impact of a possible breach
    • We offer SIEM (Security Information & Event Management)
    • We provide disaster recovery solutions in case of a breach.
    • Based on customer requirements, we offer scheduled vulnerability assessments on Web Applications and platforms.
    • Patch Management (Regular updates of Web components)

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