Cyber Watchdogs is a trusted provider of Cyber Security, Managed Services (MSP), IT Security (MSSP), Website Security, IT Support, Server Hosting, Security Operations Centers, Cloud Services, Remote Support and Infrastructure Management to various industries, corporations and businesses in Cape Town, Somerset West, Stellenbosch, Strand and Gordon's Bay, South Africa (RSA).

We employ trained and experienced IT Security and Managed Services Support engineers determined to protect, manage and support the assets of your business that can not be protected by conventional security measures.

Managed IT Services and CyberSecurity

We provide an extensive range of Managed Services (MSP) and Cyber Security (Online Security) offers you complete Business IT Solutions and access to highly qualified and trained engineers and consultants with decades of experience.

Cyber Watchdogs focus on Management of your Network Security, Infrastructure and Information Security, allowing you to focus on business development and financial growth. Our CyberSecurity covers Secure Internet Browsing, Email Security and Malware Protection Services.

Cyber Security Watchdogs, Managed Services, Cloud Services, Website Security, IT Security and Secure Hosting - Cape Town, South Africa

Combined with Cyber Security, our Managed IT Support Services will allow individuals and small businesses to benefit from 20 years IT Support and Managed Services (MSP) experience, backed by a team of Cyber Security Certified Engineers offering Adhoc Onsite Support and Remote IT Support in the Helderberg and Cape Town, South Africa.

Our focus on attention to detail, decades of experience and professional customer service makes us one of South Africa’s (RSA) preferred Managed Services (MSP) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP).

With Cyber Security as our primary focus, we do not just manage and support your infrastructure...we protect and secure your information / computer / network and server with utmost confidentiality and concern.

VAPT Security Roadmap

  • Information Gathering
  • Planning and Analysis
  • Vulnerability Detection
  • Attack / Penetration Testing
  • Reporting
Cyber Security Watchdogs, Managed Services, Cloud Services, Website Security, IT Security and Secure Hosting - Cape Town, South Africa

The Cyber Watchdogs (MSSP) team has been around since 1999, starting our company as an IT Support entity and later expanding into Managed Services (MSP) and finally CyberSecurity. Our primary business model is combining Managed Services (MSP) with Cyber Security to manage and secure IT Infrastructure for businesses and corporations in SA.

Our Dedicated service areas in South Africa are Cape Town, Somerset West, Stellenbosch, Strand, Gordon's Bay and Paarl.

Cyber Security in general practise refers to securing your infrastructure from online threats. This could include Networks, Servers, Workstations, Data Storage and other devices bound to your infrastructure including your online presence (Websites and Apps).

"When Borders, Fences and Vaults can't protect you anymore, who better to Manage and Secure your IT Infrastructure than Cyber Watchdogs - CyberSecurity & Managed Services"

      • Infrastructure Management and Support
      • Information (IT) Security (VAPT)
      • Business Application Deployment
      • Vendor and Supplier Management
      • Data Management and Security
      • Website Security
      • Tech Support
      • Vulnerability Assessments
      • Penetration Testing
      • Data Backups
      • Data Recovery
      • Disaster Recovery
      • Network Installations
      • Hardware and Software Sales
      • Cloud Solutions and Services Management
      • Cloud Application Deployment
      • Secure Web Hosting and Management
      • IT Inventory Control
      • User Management
      • VPN Management
      • Remote IT Support
      • IT Security Resources
          • Firewalls
          • Unified Threat Management (UTM)
          • Hardware Security Modules (HSM)
          • Antivirus and Malware
          • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
          • Regulation and Policy Compliance
          • Monitoring and Reporting
          • Web Application Security
          • Network Security Appliances and Services
          • Vulnerability Management
          • Business Continuity
          • Risk Management and Data Protection
          • Threat Analysis
          • Security Operations Center (SOC)
          • Network Operations Center (NOC)

What is VAPT?

(Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing)

Vulnerability Assessments (VA)

Vulnerability Assessments is the process of  Vulnerability and Risk discovery through information gathering and resource scanning utilities. Vulnerability Assessments generate reports on these Vulnerabilities and Risks for further investigation and remedy.

With Vulnerabilities and Exploits found daily and Software Updates done monthly, it is recommended for Vulnerability Assessments for Servers, Networks, Software, Websites and Web Applications to be scheduled quarterly to ensure accurate reporting on the severity of new Vulnerabilities and Risks and the impact associated with your Servers, Computers and Network Infrastructure. IT Security Assessments offer corporations and individuals insight into risks associated with improper network, server and software configuration and deployments and allow companies the opportunity to proactively prevent an data breach.

Penetration Testing (PT)

Penetration Testing is the physical act of trying to exploit Vulnerabilities and Risks found in the Vulnerability Assessment phase. With your written permission, Cyber Watchdogs will act as a hacker by simulating a cyber attack and test your IT Security (Information, Data, Servers, Computer or Network Infrastructure) with tools and techniques used by hackers to exploit Vulnerabilities found during the discovery and information gathering phase.

WhiteBox PenTest - You provide us with any information required to conduct a PenTest. All staff and representatives are aware of the PenTest.

GreyBox PenTest - You provide us with limited information and targeted resources (Business Critical Resources). Only key individuals are aware of the PenTest.

BlackBox PenTest - You provide NO information and we simulate an attack based on discovery and information gathering only. Only key individuals are aware of the PenTest.

Core Services

IT Security

Managed Services

Cyber Security

IT Support Services

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Highly trained engineers with decades of experience.
We pride ourselves in service delivery.
Our extensive industry knowledge gives you peace of mind.
We are a highly trusted provider of IT Security throughout South Africa.
Customer Satisfaction
We build personal relationships with every customer.
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We provide affordable solutions for every market.
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